(Galactic) War, Hurr good god y’all, what is it good for …..


This is what we are aiming for

The Goal

So you want to prove your dominance over the galaxy and get your grubby mitts on that sweet, sweet loot, the trick here is preparation and planning.

A Bit of Background

These are my personal musings and findings from playing the game for very nearly two years, I have a number of good squads but nothing brilliant, I tend to hover around the 100 – 200 bracket in the arena. Most of my GW squads are either directly from, or heavily used for AAT raid squads. Just remember this is a war not a battle, there will be casualties and there is no such thing as a Pyrrhic victory in SWGOH.

Doing the Ground Work

Like any great war the conflict starts before the sides meet. The difficulty of your GW is dictated by the strongest team (highest total power level) that you have fielded in either the Arena or GW. The power level of each node is a fraction of that power level, it would seem around 50%  to 60% at the start up to 115% as the final battle. Along the way each third node (3,6,9) you will see a definite spike in difficulty, more on this later.

Why this is important is because the matching algorithm will take real teams, of the appropriate level, for you to fight. What this means is if you can get your power level high enough there will be no teams that you can be matched against, the game resolves this by ‘Rolling round’ and you end up facing abysmally weak teams. This can make GW completion a lot more regular. This means it may be worth throwing in a team of all your strongest toons into the Arena once just to set your power level.

Getting Set Up

Once on the field the there are a few things to keep in mind.

Firstly, everything rolls over between battles; health, shields, turn meter, and cool downs. This is good and bad, obviously your health and shields will get whittled away, even at lower nodes unless you can take out the entire opposition team without them landing a blow.

Cool downs is another major consideration. You need to make sure that all your up front buff and smash abilities are ready to use at the start of each node. This means you may want to draw out fights to allow cool downs to recharge, obviously this has to be balanced against the shield or health loss that comes with letting the bad guys live longer.

Turn meter, this is where you get a massive advantage, and how you can beat teams that are much more powerful than your own. Your toons will start each node with the turn meter they ended the last one on, so your slow powerful toons that have normally been kicked around before they act are highly likely to move before any of the opposition. This makes it very easy to burn down high priority targets, often more than one before the enemy act. And frankly, makes high speed / turn meter gain teams like the droids quite silly, my droids can often attack two or three times each before an opposition toon takes a turn, this can make for a lot of dead bad guys without taking much damage.

Early Nodes

The trick here is to get multiple teams with turn meter advantage, I typically have two full backup teams. The first team gets the very easy node 1, the second reserve team does nodes 2 and 3. The reason for this is the difficulty spikes i mentioned earlier. Node 3 is comparatively much harder than node 2 and allowing a team with turn meter advantage to attack it makes the assault less costly in shields than starting a fresh team there. Node 4 is much easier than node 3 hence a good place for my main team to cut it’s teeth. I use my main team from node 4 until they get wiped out (usually node 12).

Mid Game

This is pretty much rinse and repeat, just remember that nodes 6 and 9 are both much harder than the node on either side so make sure leaving nodes 5 and 8 all your cooldowns are ready and don’t be afraid to use nodes 7 and 10 to recuperate.

End Game

The last 2 nodes are tough, it is not unusual to lose toons in node 11 and pretty much expected at node 12, This is why you spent the early nodes making sure you had more teams ready to go. Obviously every war is different and the teams you face may cause you to change strategy but generally the idea with these nodes is to make sure that you are taking toons out of the fight, this is a war not a battle, you can lose a battle as long as you have set up the final win. For example, if you lose a whole team to take out a key toon that  is worth it, the next team will make mince meat of a squad that has been unbalanced because it has lost its tank or key toon. Most teams are built around either a leadership ability or a particular toon. Take that away and the team is just a random collection of toons, think Biggs without Wedge, or an Empire team without Palpatine.

The Sad Truth

You will lose some wars, sometimes you will run into node 11 or 12 teams that you have no counter for and no matter how many toons you throw in you not going to beat them. This happens to me about once a week, and all you can do is suck it up and hope that RNGesus will be kinder to you tomorrow.

A Little Trick

This is an aside but it makes my life easier, rather than trying to remember which day GW is the daily challenge, after each challange day I take 2 days to do the next GW (i.e. first 6 nodes next day last 6 the day after that)  then I do my one war a day until the next challenge day, that way I am always ready to do the double for the daily.


Bounty Hunter’s

Who doesn’t love a Bounty Hunter?  I love them and if that comes as a surprise to you, then you need to interact on discord more.

I have two problems with the Bounty Hunters of Galaxy of Heroes, firstly there isn’t enough of them, Where is Bossk, Zuckuss or 4-LOM?  Secondly they are a pain to gear, not only are you going to need 100’s and 100’s of Cuffs but a shed load of furnaces too.

Let’s look at who’s available to us right now.


screenshot_20170223-203528 Boba Fett is the most famous Bounty Hunter in the Galaxy, not only did he manage to capture Han Solo, he also notified Darth Vader of Princess Leia’s whereabouts.  So how does he look in SWGOH?

As a leader he gives extras to all allies in the form of 50% increase to critical damage and an added 10% increase to critical chance.  But it’s the extras to the Bounty Hunters that stand out.  15 speed boost for each debuffed enemy, a gain to maximum health equivalent to 50% of all BH allies’ potency and to top it off 15% turn meter gain whenever a thermal detonator explodes (more on them later).  His AoE ability has a high chance to inflict ability block as well as a 50/50 chance to add damage over time.  His basic also has a 70% to add damage over time with a 50% chance to hit a 2nd time.  This is doubled against scoundrel enemies.  His unique ability effectively gives him a second life, or a third or a fourth. When he defeats an enemy he will have his Bounty Hunters resolve buff returned, if he’d already lost it.


IG-88, the robotic gun for hire, will do heavy damage.  With heavy damage come a heavy price, he is a bit more fragile than your average character but his unique ability increases his critical damage by 45%, add that to Boba’s lead ability and we’re looking at 95% increase.  His basic has a 60% chance to inflict healing immunity, handy when healers are about. His special has a 55% to ability block as well as a 50% chance to inflict defence down for 2 turns.  His Leader ability is also very handy, a 20% critical chance increase along with adding damage over time every time a critical hit occurs.


Cad Bane, the Jedi hunter, he has great abilities against Jedi enemies but unfortunately they’re not so stunning against everyone else.  His special is unavoidable and will stun for 1 turn, removing 40% turn meter in the process, this goes up to 100% against a Jedi.  His basic comes with a 55% chance to attack again in addition to a 50/50 chance to gain 15% turn meter.  His unique ability gives him 35% critical damage and 20% critical chance, but this is only against Jedi.  As a leader he looks a little be handier, scoundrel allies gain 20% evasion and they will gain 25% turn meter every time they evade.


Dengar, the man with toilet paper wrapped round his head, really comes into his own with Boba’s lead. His Mini-mine mayhem will inflict debuffs on any enemies that suffer a critical hit.  That’s an increase of 75 speed for 5 enemies.  He has blast and smash that has a 50% chance to put speed down on an enemy for 3 turns as well as the chance to stun them.  His basic comes with the chance to call an ally to assist, if the assisting ally is a scoundrel it’s guaranteed to crit.  His unique ability has much to offer, if he suffers a critical hit, he’ll gain stealth for 2 turns. He evades an attack that comes with 60% turn meter gain or if someone gives him a negative status effect, his gains tenacity up.


Greedo, Rodia’s most famous son, despite not lasting long against Han Solo he is still talked about in the much debated Who shot 1st?  Greedo may not look that good on paper, but when you delve into his abilities you realise he has a lot more to offer.  His unique ability gives him an added 15% critical chance with a 50% chance of hitting again on a critical.  His basic will give a 45% chance of evasion up, but it’s his special that comes into its own under Boba Fett.  He can place thermal detonators that will explode after 2 turns giving Greedo a 40% chance to gain 25% turn meter. Two turns seems like a long time but Zam Wessell can come in handy with those bombs.


Zam Wessell, shape shifting super scoundrel, is probably the most important Bounty Hunter under a Boba Fett Lead.  With a unique ability that gives her 18% evasion bonus that doubles with a negative effect.  When she evades it will dispel all those negatives. If she is critically hit she’ll also gain evasion up.  Her special Electro-goggles will put evasion down on all enemies, with the primary being exposed, this attack cannot be evaded and also offers a 50% chance to gain 50% turn meter back.  Her other special works similar to Greedo’s, in that she will lay thermal detonators on every enemy, that explode after 2 turns.  When they do they give a 70% chance for Zam to gain Speed Up.  Her basic is by far the biggest asset in the Bounty Hunter arsenal.  Her shot deals damage, but also explodes any bombs on the target.  For each living scoundrel she gains 20% turn meter, so under a Boba lead when Zam explodes a detonator she gains 95% turn meter if all allies are still alive.


That’s my report on Bounty Hunters; individually they may not look that special or useful, but the synergies as a group adds a lot more to a handy bunch of hired guns.

Jenojo’s Jedi Order – 22nd February 2017

Jedi                                                        Used*


Qui-Gon Jinn                                      14

Jedi Knight Anakin                           12

Grand Master Yoda                         10

Ima-Gun Di                                         8

Luminara Unduli                                7

Ahsoka Tano                                      6

Mace Windu                                      3

Obi-Wan Kenobi (Old Ben)          2

Barriss Offee                                      1

Eeth Koth                                            1

Aayla Secura                                      1


*Based on 16 screenshots shared.



We’re going to look at the wisest Jedi this time, Grand Master Yoda.  Yoda fluctuates a lot in terms of utilisation.  He dropped back last time but has come back with a bang, 10 used him amassing a score of 139,997 roughly 3.5% of the phase.  Despite Devo looking for bragging rights over Murphbo with total scores in the raid. It is the latter who tops the list, scoring more than double of the former.  No one was able to do 1% or more, proving that Yoda is really only there for his tenacity buffs.


Top 10                                   Score

Murphbo 35,816
Jenojo 20,622
Crimsonblade 18,146
Gadgey 17,362
Devo 17,055
Jedicarn 11,046
Scott Skyninja 9,780
TheNinjaTyler 6,707
Inspectahdeck 3,463
Kung Fury 0,000

Jenojo Signing out – May the Force Be with You

Squad in Focus


Droid Team – Phase Two – Heroic AAT

The more popular choice for Phase 2 of the Tank is the droid team.

It’s not all droids though, there are 2 Jawas in their too, and you’re going to need speed, lots and lots of speed.  In this article we’re going to look at the runners and riders of the team.


For the Leader it has to be HK-47, why is he the leader? I hear you ask.  For the simple fact that his leader ability gives droids 50% turn meter gain on a critical hit, meaning more hits more often.  His Meatbag Mayhem attack deals AoE(Area of Effect or Attack on Everyone) which has a 25% chance to inflict debuffs such as defence down or speed down to name a couple.  These debuffs can be the difference between an OK score and a great score.


IG-88 can be a little fragile at times but he is your heavy hitter, his unique ability gives him 45% critical damage, not to mention a 20% increase in damage for those suffering negative effects.  Combine HK-47’s debuffs and you’ll be looking at some big scores.


IG-86 is the third and final droid of your team, his unique ability gains him 4.5% critical chance for each living droid ally plus 20% critical damage.  His basic attack has a 50% chance of a critical hit but its his special attack that really racks up the points. He can call a random ally to assist, if that ally is a droid they both gain an extra 75% of additional critical damage.


Chief Nebit is the tank of the team but he still packs a punch, his special ability will call an ally to assist, but here’s the clincher, if the assisting ally is a droid or Jawa he will call another ally to assist.  3 hits for the price of 1.  His basic attack is also very handy, it comes with a 70% chance to add protection to a random ally.  Which helps keep members alive longer.  He also has a taunt which can deflect fire away from low health toons but also reduce ability cooldowns by 1 on every droid and ally.


Jawa Engineer is the lynch pin of this whole operation, he will not register a score for the whole raid but don’t let that fool you.  He needs the most speed of the whole team, try looking at anything above 220 for speed to really get the best out of him.  He will gain 10 speed for each droid and Jawa ally so the figure will boost up.  His Recalibrate special ability is the 1st thing you will use, it gives critical chance up for 2 turns and 45% turn meter increase for all allies.  He will lay bombs all day long and when they explode they do damage but Jawa Engineer never gets the credit.  His Patch Up ability is probably his most valued asset.  It will revive a previously defeated droid and give all allies 30% health back.


Just remember when using this squad you are going to need Speed, Speed and more Speed. When you think you’ve got enough Speed, stick some more on.

Jenojo’s Jedi Order – 19th February 2017

The latest instalment of The Cartel’s Phase one Jedi shows some interesting figures. Based on the 14 screenshots (same as last time), we see a new Jedi becoming increasingly popular. Qui-Gon Jinn has been knocked off his perch at the top, and replaced by the boy he believed would bring balance to the force. Mind you he wasn’t wrong, Anakin reduced the Jedi to 2, the same amount as the Sith has. Anakin was used by 11 of the Guildees (I’m trying to coin a new name, I hope it catches on.). He has steadily become more popular than Qui-Gon who was only used 9 times. Yoda and Ima Gun Di have improved slightly, both amassing 8 uses. Aayla Secura has vanished from the list altogether with no one using her.

Jedi                                                        Used*

Jedi Knight Anakin                           11

Qui-Gon Jinn                                      9

Grand Master Yoda                         8

Ima-Gun Di                                         8

Luminara Unduli                               5

Ahsoka Tano                                      5

Obi-Wan Kenobi (Old Ben)          2

Mace Windu                                      2

Eeth Koth                                            1

Barriss Offee                                      1

*based on 14 screenshots


We’re going to focus on Qui-Gon Jinn this time, the bearded Jedi whose poor contract negotiations kicked off decades of inter-galactic war.  I firm favourite in the 1st couple of Jedi reports, being used by 90% of Guildees (I’m sure this will catch on) in the first post.  He has been reduced to about 65% usage.  He has a mixed bag of scores with the highest being Kevlar, scoring 49,908, and the lowest with 3,443 was Kung Fury.  The total amount of damaged amassed by him was 197,325 which is just below 5%, not too shabby for the man who discovered Darth Vader.

Top 10                                                                                   Score

Kevlar                                                                                   49,908

Psi                                                                                          31,120

Inspectadeck                                                                     28,507

Murphbo                                                                             26,532

Sunny                                                                                   24,784

CrimsonBlade                                                                    18,111

Devo                                                                                     8,742

Scott Skyninja                                                                    6,178

Kung Fury                                                                            3,443

Really we couldn’t get enough screenshots         0,000

Join me next time when we’ll look at Grand Master Yoda, should be easy work for me as I’ll only have about 5 screenshots to look at.  Unless you all want to give me some hard work.

Jenojo signing out – May the Force Be with You

Jenojo’s Jedi Order – 15th February 2017

In this third episode of Phase one Jedi’s I was hoping for more screenshots to work with, but alas no.

Only 14 people shared their Joyous Jedi.  Not much has changed in usage, with the popular ones remaining at the top. Although it looks like Anakin may overtake Qui-Gon in the near future.  There was less love for Yoda however, he was only used by 6.

Jedi                                                        Used*

Qui-Gon Jinn                                      12

Jedi Knight Anakin                           11

Ahsoka Tano                                      8

Ima-Gun Di                                         7

Luminara Unduli                               7

Grand Master Yoda                         6

Aayla Secura                                      2

Obi-Wan Kenobi (Old Ben)          2

Mace Windu                                      2

Eeth Koth                                            2

Barriss Offee                                      1

Jedi Knight Guardian                      1

*Figures based on 14 Screenshots shared.

We’re going to look at the minor Jedi’s this time, as they will never get a feature of their own. Firstly a massive thank you to Keldo, as everyone knows he’s ahead of the curve and already has a viable Jedi Knight Guardian. We’ll all be sorry when she gets a boost and becomes Meta.  Aayla Secura is one I thought would be more popular but has only been used twice along with Obi-Wan and Mace Windu. Droid specialist Eeth Koth also only features on 2 occasions, a step up from the 1 use the last 2 raids. Barriss Offee was only used on one occasion this time dropping down from her usual 2 use rate.

The total for these rarely seen Masters of the Force was 146,409.  The couldn’t even get to 4% between them.

Top 10                   Jedi                                                        Score

Jenojo                  Eeth Koth                                            34258

zZHutchZz           Aayla Secura                                      28687

Blonked               Aayla Secura                                      23398

Sunny                   Mace Windu                                      16571

Devo                     Eeth Koth                                            13710

Inspectadeck     Barriss Offee                                      8675

Crimsonblade    Mace Windu                                      8380

Jenojo                  Obi-Wan Kenobi(Old Ben)           5888

Keldo                    Obi-Wan Kenobi(Old Ben)           5540

Keldo                    Jedi Knight Guardian                      1302

Total                                                                                      146409

If you think your Jedi scored better, why not post your screenshot on our dedicated discord chat.

Next time we’ll have a look at another Jedi

Jenojo Signing Out – May The Force Be With You.

Jenojo’s Jedi Order – 11th February 2017

This is the second instalment of my look at Phase one’s Jedi. Over 25 people got their hits in on General Grievous and his goons, but only 17 gave us their screenshots.  Qui-Gon Jinn was still the most popular but his lead has been shortened considerably. Luminara Unduli is not feeling as much love this raid dropping down the table. I had hoped that Jedi Knight Guardian would feature in this raid, but alas those dreams were crushed.

Jedi                                                        Used*

Qui-Gon Jinn                                      14

Jedi Knight Anakin                           12

Grand Master Yoda                         10

Ahsoka Tano                                      9

Ima-Gun Di                                         8

Luminara Unduli                               6

Aayla Secura                                      2

Obi-Wan Kenobi (Old Ben)          2

Barriss Offee                                      2

Mace Windu                                      2

Eeth Koth                                            1

*Figures based on 17 Screenshots shared.


This time we’re going to take a look at Little Orphan Ani, He was used by 12 of the teams in this raid and has some impressive numbers.  Will had a very impressive 152,037 score, with Anakin almost doing 4% all by himself. Red Leader Zarbax was only just behind with 139,819. Eight of the Twelve Anakin’s managed at least 2% of the phase by themselves. Propping up the scores were Sunny and Psi with, 42,279 and 27,540, respectively.

The total P1 for the 12 was, 1,110,335, that is about a quarter of the whole phase from this little tearaway of Tatooine.

Top 10                   Score

Will                         152037

Zarbax                  139819

ZzHutchzZ           120342

Scott Skyninja    115366

Kevlar                   112991

CrimsonBlade    94072

Blonked               92975

Inspectadeck     82780

Bps                         71186

Keldo                    58948

Join me next time when we’ll have a look at another of Coruscant’s lightsabre wielding residents.

Jenojo Signing Out – May The Force Be With You.