Raid Rules

Just so we, more like YOU, don’t get confused with the raid rules.  Raid start times will be announced in the Discord app.

All times are announced from GRT (Guild Reset Time), or  18:30GMT.

Please do your best to provide screenshots of all of your runs.


For the first 24 hours, you may send one toon to be sacrificed.  This will guarantee a reward payout when the raid finishes. After the 24 hour registration time, the Rancor will be FFA (Free-For-All).

Please wait at least 10 minutes to post your score for Phase 1, and allow at least 25 minutes to post if you have soloed the raid. Also, please check in Discord to see if/when the Rancor has been killed.



Raid kick-off time will be announced in the Discord app. You should send the appropriate teams for each Phase.

Phase One. Jedi, Clones, or Resistance (think Tenacity cross mods.)

Phase Two. Droids (HK-47 (lead), IG-86, IG-88, Chief Nebit (Jawa), Jawa Engineer.) Or Cody (zeta, lead), Fives, Rex, Echo, Clone Sergeant.

Phase Three. Chirpa (lead), Emperor Palpatine, Stormtrooper Han, Royal Guard, Sun Fac.  OR…

  • Teebo (lead), TIE Fighter Pilot, Jawa, Stormtrooper Han, Royal Guard.
  • Dathcha (lead), TFP, Jawa, Jawa Scavenger, (any other ‘tank’)
  • EP (lead), TFP StH, RG, Sun Fac

Phase Four.  Wedge (lead), Biggs, Leia, Baze, Chirrut.  Basically everything else you have left!