Phase 3



Poor little fuzz bucket, Chief Chirpa looks badly out of place surrounded by all that armour and the dark side. He’s like the guy who drives everyone to the party and then gets told that if you don’t drink your not cool.


So the tank has limped off into the background to have some droids hammer it back into shape and some sort of cross between ED-209 and the Rocketeer has shown up to piss on everyones chips, and droids, so many droids. However hold onto your collective hats because the boss of this stage is about to show up looking about 900 years old and wearing a bitching robe.

You are looking to do around 255k damage in this phase to achieve your 2% which does make me question why the walking wall which is the B2 is not actually running the show rather than that pansy cyborg.

So the B2 Rocket Trooper has got a bunch of funky abilities he can ability block, heal block, summon droids and order those droids to use some very nasty abilities and the tank is still there with it’s one operational gun, and there are all these droids. Things look bad and frankly they are,  but just keep the faith and remember there is no spoon….




Chief Chirpa

Rank and File


Emperor Palpatine

Royal Guard

Storm Trooper Han

Sun Fac

Tie Fighter Pilot

Filling in the Blanks

Emperor Palpatine and Chief Chirpa are absolutly required, as to the tanks really any will do they are there to provide a meat shield for the squishy damage machine, but the ones named are generally considered the best.



  • Chief Chirpa
    • Makes no difference, he is only here because of his leader ability
  • Emperor Palpatine
    • Sets: Crit chance
    • Primary: Speed Arrow / Crit Avoidance Arrow, Offense Triangle, Offense Cross
    • Secondary: Crit chance, Offense
  • Tanks
    • Sets: Health / Defence / Tenacity
    • Primary: Crit Avoidance Arrow, Protection Triangle, Protection Cross
    • Secondary: Defence / Health / Protection



So now I get to explain the Matrix reference, the basic concept is for Emperor Palpatine to apply shock to all the battle droids, this plus the turn meter gain from Chief Chirpa will mean that he effectively enters bullet time. He will be getting 100% turn meter gain every turn, at this point the only other toon that can act is the B2, he has a 35% counter chance and gains turn meter every time he takes damage. This is why you brought all the well padded gentlemen to the party. Before completing the stun lock all of the tanks need to be taunting so that B2’s counters and attacks don’t all land on the squishy mage (sorry wrong game), dark side user.

For this to work properly you need to get the lock down in before the tank can fire its main gun, this will need Storm Trooper Han’s turn meter gain from his taunt and for Chirpa to call Palpatine as his assist, and for none of the droids to resist the shock. If any of this intricate plan fails then pull out and start again. Once the stun lock is in just keep tickling the B2 with the Emperors basic until everyone is dead.