Phase 1


Jedi sir, thousands of them.

Phase one is all about the force and then taking that force and beating a certain surly cyborg over the head with it till he buggers off and lets the tank off the leash.


To get your 2% you are going to need to take about 82,000 hit points of General Grevious’s shiny metal butt, and that is no easy task. He is accompanied by two MagnaGuards and a B2 Super Battle Droid, whose only job is to prevent you from carving up the quad limbed annoyance.

There many funky mechanics and abilities going on, feel free to look them up in game but the one that you most need to know about is that every seven times Grevious takes damage he goes nuts (called Tactical Advantage), attacks a bunch of times and will leave you seeing red; red like the line of debuffs that are now littering your toons. This means you need to be able to heal, remove debuffs (cleanse) and be able to deliver decent single hit damage so you are minimising the number of times you punch the general’s berserk button.

Also of note is that the metal monster has an undocumented ability that increases his speed for every  one of his body guards that is killed, this means that stunning and slowing these droids is a better option than killing them outright, not to mention the bugger regularly re-summons them anyway, so control is better than killing.



  • Ima Gun Di
  • Aayla
  • Yoda

Rank and File

  • Jedi Knight Aniken
  • Qui Gon Ji
  • Ashoka
  • Kit Fisto
  • Any of the leaders, not currently leading

Filling in the blanks

Any toon that can control (stun, slow) or remove debuffs can find a place in this team. Counter attackers can also be useful as there are a lot of area attacks being kicked off.