Squad in Focus


Droid Team – Phase Two – Heroic AAT

The more popular choice for Phase 2 of the Tank is the droid team.

It’s not all droids though, there are 2 Jawas in their too, and you’re going to need speed, lots and lots of speed.  In this article we’re going to look at the runners and riders of the team.


For the Leader it has to be HK-47, why is he the leader? I hear you ask.  For the simple fact that his leader ability gives droids 50% turn meter gain on a critical hit, meaning more hits more often.  His Meatbag Mayhem attack deals AoE(Area of Effect or Attack on Everyone) which has a 25% chance to inflict debuffs such as defence down or speed down to name a couple.  These debuffs can be the difference between an OK score and a great score.


IG-88 can be a little fragile at times but he is your heavy hitter, his unique ability gives him 45% critical damage, not to mention a 20% increase in damage for those suffering negative effects.  Combine HK-47’s debuffs and you’ll be looking at some big scores.


IG-86 is the third and final droid of your team, his unique ability gains him 4.5% critical chance for each living droid ally plus 20% critical damage.  His basic attack has a 50% chance of a critical hit but its his special attack that really racks up the points. He can call a random ally to assist, if that ally is a droid they both gain an extra 75% of additional critical damage.


Chief Nebit is the tank of the team but he still packs a punch, his special ability will call an ally to assist, but here’s the clincher, if the assisting ally is a droid or Jawa he will call another ally to assist.  3 hits for the price of 1.  His basic attack is also very handy, it comes with a 70% chance to add protection to a random ally.  Which helps keep members alive longer.  He also has a taunt which can deflect fire away from low health toons but also reduce ability cooldowns by 1 on every droid and ally.


Jawa Engineer is the lynch pin of this whole operation, he will not register a score for the whole raid but don’t let that fool you.  He needs the most speed of the whole team, try looking at anything above 220 for speed to really get the best out of him.  He will gain 10 speed for each droid and Jawa ally so the figure will boost up.  His Recalibrate special ability is the 1st thing you will use, it gives critical chance up for 2 turns and 45% turn meter increase for all allies.  He will lay bombs all day long and when they explode they do damage but Jawa Engineer never gets the credit.  His Patch Up ability is probably his most valued asset.  It will revive a previously defeated droid and give all allies 30% health back.


Just remember when using this squad you are going to need Speed, Speed and more Speed. When you think you’ve got enough Speed, stick some more on.