Mod Applier

Mod Applier v5.1

The above link is to the current version of the Lucas Farstrider / GingerbreadMan Mod Applier.

It is a Excel workbook that contains a number of sheets and macros to allow the entering of character and mod information and then apply the mods to characters to predict the effects on stats. Please note that the calculated final stats may be slightly different to the ones you actually see in the game, if you find any significant differences please send a query via the contact sheet below. Armour and Resistance stats will be the least accurate as they have to be calculated from a derived base value.

You must be running a fairly current version of Microsoft Excel for the Applier to work and you must have a suitable security level set to allow the running of macros.

Important Note

If you are migrating from a previous version of the applier and don’t fancy typing all those numbers in again what you need to do is copy the Character Library, Character Entered Values and Mod Reference tabs from the old version to the new. Copy the whole pages exactly as is. and then close and reopen the new workbook. you should then be ready to go

If you have any questions or find any bugs please mail via the contact sheet below, please use this sheet and not the Dropbox comment system.