AAT Raiding Guide






The AAT is a big and scary beast and that’s not including the many droids, and one surly cyborg, that hang around it to make life difficult. However, we at the Cartel are never afraid to punch a tank and so we will break down the raid by phase and look at the best way to take a very expensive war machine and create a very big pile of scrap.



So four phases.

  • Step 1 convince the surly cyborg to bugger off
  • Step 2 punch a tank
  • Step 3 become concerned about the number of droids that seem to keep appearing
  • Step 4 punch some droids and a tank until everything stops moving
  • Step 5 profit! (and get some ice on those knuckles)


Jedi get so mad at the lack of midichlorians in this tank that they get 20% bonus to critical chance and regenerate 15% of their health every turn.

Jawa want that lovely, lovely scrap so much they get a 50% bonus to potency and gain the ability to call an assist attack on every action.


The raid requires 7* characters, we don’t need none of those 6* wannabes around here. Unfortunately, stars only get you through the door as all characters need to be at least gear 10 and heavily modded to really make the cut. You are looking to take at least 2% off the total hit points off the target character (or tank phase), if you can do more it will help the guild move things along quicker and compensate for those players still working on teams for a specific phase.

Generally the best approach is to pick a team for a phase and get the whole team up to standard before working on another, splitting your effort between teams will make the whole process much more tedious and less rewarding. Make no mistake, getting four raid worthy teams is a very long endeavor, however getting there will give you a bunch of good characters to help master other parts of the game (I am looking at you Galactic Warfare).


The cause of, and solution to, most of life’s problems.

Certainly at first, and probably for a long time, you are not going to have the optimum mod load out for all your toons, as many toons need the same mods. Don’t be afraid to swap mods between toons in different phases. This will cost you a little in the way of credits but can make a dramatic change to your score. if you have access to a PC and Excel you can always try the Mod Applier to see how moving mods around will improve your toon’s stats.


Follow the links below to get detailed toon lists and strategies for each phase.

Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

Phase 4