Bounty Hunter’s

Who doesn’t love a Bounty Hunter?  I love them and if that comes as a surprise to you, then you need to interact on discord more.

I have two problems with the Bounty Hunters of Galaxy of Heroes, firstly there isn’t enough of them, Where is Bossk, Zuckuss or 4-LOM?  Secondly they are a pain to gear, not only are you going to need 100’s and 100’s of Cuffs but a shed load of furnaces too.

Let’s look at who’s available to us right now.


screenshot_20170223-203528 Boba Fett is the most famous Bounty Hunter in the Galaxy, not only did he manage to capture Han Solo, he also notified Darth Vader of Princess Leia’s whereabouts.  So how does he look in SWGOH?

As a leader he gives extras to all allies in the form of 50% increase to critical damage and an added 10% increase to critical chance.  But it’s the extras to the Bounty Hunters that stand out.  15 speed boost for each debuffed enemy, a gain to maximum health equivalent to 50% of all BH allies’ potency and to top it off 15% turn meter gain whenever a thermal detonator explodes (more on them later).  His AoE ability has a high chance to inflict ability block as well as a 50/50 chance to add damage over time.  His basic also has a 70% to add damage over time with a 50% chance to hit a 2nd time.  This is doubled against scoundrel enemies.  His unique ability effectively gives him a second life, or a third or a fourth. When he defeats an enemy he will have his Bounty Hunters resolve buff returned, if he’d already lost it.


IG-88, the robotic gun for hire, will do heavy damage.  With heavy damage come a heavy price, he is a bit more fragile than your average character but his unique ability increases his critical damage by 45%, add that to Boba’s lead ability and we’re looking at 95% increase.  His basic has a 60% chance to inflict healing immunity, handy when healers are about. His special has a 55% to ability block as well as a 50% chance to inflict defence down for 2 turns.  His Leader ability is also very handy, a 20% critical chance increase along with adding damage over time every time a critical hit occurs.


Cad Bane, the Jedi hunter, he has great abilities against Jedi enemies but unfortunately they’re not so stunning against everyone else.  His special is unavoidable and will stun for 1 turn, removing 40% turn meter in the process, this goes up to 100% against a Jedi.  His basic comes with a 55% chance to attack again in addition to a 50/50 chance to gain 15% turn meter.  His unique ability gives him 35% critical damage and 20% critical chance, but this is only against Jedi.  As a leader he looks a little be handier, scoundrel allies gain 20% evasion and they will gain 25% turn meter every time they evade.


Dengar, the man with toilet paper wrapped round his head, really comes into his own with Boba’s lead. His Mini-mine mayhem will inflict debuffs on any enemies that suffer a critical hit.  That’s an increase of 75 speed for 5 enemies.  He has blast and smash that has a 50% chance to put speed down on an enemy for 3 turns as well as the chance to stun them.  His basic comes with the chance to call an ally to assist, if the assisting ally is a scoundrel it’s guaranteed to crit.  His unique ability has much to offer, if he suffers a critical hit, he’ll gain stealth for 2 turns. He evades an attack that comes with 60% turn meter gain or if someone gives him a negative status effect, his gains tenacity up.


Greedo, Rodia’s most famous son, despite not lasting long against Han Solo he is still talked about in the much debated Who shot 1st?  Greedo may not look that good on paper, but when you delve into his abilities you realise he has a lot more to offer.  His unique ability gives him an added 15% critical chance with a 50% chance of hitting again on a critical.  His basic will give a 45% chance of evasion up, but it’s his special that comes into its own under Boba Fett.  He can place thermal detonators that will explode after 2 turns giving Greedo a 40% chance to gain 25% turn meter. Two turns seems like a long time but Zam Wessell can come in handy with those bombs.


Zam Wessell, shape shifting super scoundrel, is probably the most important Bounty Hunter under a Boba Fett Lead.  With a unique ability that gives her 18% evasion bonus that doubles with a negative effect.  When she evades it will dispel all those negatives. If she is critically hit she’ll also gain evasion up.  Her special Electro-goggles will put evasion down on all enemies, with the primary being exposed, this attack cannot be evaded and also offers a 50% chance to gain 50% turn meter back.  Her other special works similar to Greedo’s, in that she will lay thermal detonators on every enemy, that explode after 2 turns.  When they do they give a 70% chance for Zam to gain Speed Up.  Her basic is by far the biggest asset in the Bounty Hunter arsenal.  Her shot deals damage, but also explodes any bombs on the target.  For each living scoundrel she gains 20% turn meter, so under a Boba lead when Zam explodes a detonator she gains 95% turn meter if all allies are still alive.


That’s my report on Bounty Hunters; individually they may not look that special or useful, but the synergies as a group adds a lot more to a handy bunch of hired guns.


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