Jenojo’s Jedi Order – 22nd February 2017

Jedi                                                        Used*


Qui-Gon Jinn                                      14

Jedi Knight Anakin                           12

Grand Master Yoda                         10

Ima-Gun Di                                         8

Luminara Unduli                                7

Ahsoka Tano                                      6

Mace Windu                                      3

Obi-Wan Kenobi (Old Ben)          2

Barriss Offee                                      1

Eeth Koth                                            1

Aayla Secura                                      1


*Based on 16 screenshots shared.



We’re going to look at the wisest Jedi this time, Grand Master Yoda.  Yoda fluctuates a lot in terms of utilisation.  He dropped back last time but has come back with a bang, 10 used him amassing a score of 139,997 roughly 3.5% of the phase.  Despite Devo looking for bragging rights over Murphbo with total scores in the raid. It is the latter who tops the list, scoring more than double of the former.  No one was able to do 1% or more, proving that Yoda is really only there for his tenacity buffs.


Top 10                                   Score

Murphbo 35,816
Jenojo 20,622
Crimsonblade 18,146
Gadgey 17,362
Devo 17,055
Jedicarn 11,046
Scott Skyninja 9,780
TheNinjaTyler 6,707
Inspectahdeck 3,463
Kung Fury 0,000

Jenojo Signing out – May the Force Be with You


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