Jenojo’s Jedi Order – 19th February 2017

The latest instalment of The Cartel’s Phase one Jedi shows some interesting figures. Based on the 14 screenshots (same as last time), we see a new Jedi becoming increasingly popular. Qui-Gon Jinn has been knocked off his perch at the top, and replaced by the boy he believed would bring balance to the force. Mind you he wasn’t wrong, Anakin reduced the Jedi to 2, the same amount as the Sith has. Anakin was used by 11 of the Guildees (I’m trying to coin a new name, I hope it catches on.). He has steadily become more popular than Qui-Gon who was only used 9 times. Yoda and Ima Gun Di have improved slightly, both amassing 8 uses. Aayla Secura has vanished from the list altogether with no one using her.

Jedi                                                        Used*

Jedi Knight Anakin                           11

Qui-Gon Jinn                                      9

Grand Master Yoda                         8

Ima-Gun Di                                         8

Luminara Unduli                               5

Ahsoka Tano                                      5

Obi-Wan Kenobi (Old Ben)          2

Mace Windu                                      2

Eeth Koth                                            1

Barriss Offee                                      1

*based on 14 screenshots


We’re going to focus on Qui-Gon Jinn this time, the bearded Jedi whose poor contract negotiations kicked off decades of inter-galactic war.  I firm favourite in the 1st couple of Jedi reports, being used by 90% of Guildees (I’m sure this will catch on) in the first post.  He has been reduced to about 65% usage.  He has a mixed bag of scores with the highest being Kevlar, scoring 49,908, and the lowest with 3,443 was Kung Fury.  The total amount of damaged amassed by him was 197,325 which is just below 5%, not too shabby for the man who discovered Darth Vader.

Top 10                                                                                   Score

Kevlar                                                                                   49,908

Psi                                                                                          31,120

Inspectadeck                                                                     28,507

Murphbo                                                                             26,532

Sunny                                                                                   24,784

CrimsonBlade                                                                    18,111

Devo                                                                                     8,742

Scott Skyninja                                                                    6,178

Kung Fury                                                                            3,443

Really we couldn’t get enough screenshots         0,000

Join me next time when we’ll look at Grand Master Yoda, should be easy work for me as I’ll only have about 5 screenshots to look at.  Unless you all want to give me some hard work.

Jenojo signing out – May the Force Be with You


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