Jenojo’s Jedi Order – 11th February 2017

This is the second instalment of my look at Phase one’s Jedi. Over 25 people got their hits in on General Grievous and his goons, but only 17 gave us their screenshots.  Qui-Gon Jinn was still the most popular but his lead has been shortened considerably. Luminara Unduli is not feeling as much love this raid dropping down the table. I had hoped that Jedi Knight Guardian would feature in this raid, but alas those dreams were crushed.

Jedi                                                        Used*

Qui-Gon Jinn                                      14

Jedi Knight Anakin                           12

Grand Master Yoda                         10

Ahsoka Tano                                      9

Ima-Gun Di                                         8

Luminara Unduli                               6

Aayla Secura                                      2

Obi-Wan Kenobi (Old Ben)          2

Barriss Offee                                      2

Mace Windu                                      2

Eeth Koth                                            1

*Figures based on 17 Screenshots shared.


This time we’re going to take a look at Little Orphan Ani, He was used by 12 of the teams in this raid and has some impressive numbers.  Will had a very impressive 152,037 score, with Anakin almost doing 4% all by himself. Red Leader Zarbax was only just behind with 139,819. Eight of the Twelve Anakin’s managed at least 2% of the phase by themselves. Propping up the scores were Sunny and Psi with, 42,279 and 27,540, respectively.

The total P1 for the 12 was, 1,110,335, that is about a quarter of the whole phase from this little tearaway of Tatooine.

Top 10                   Score

Will                         152037

Zarbax                  139819

ZzHutchzZ           120342

Scott Skyninja    115366

Kevlar                   112991

CrimsonBlade    94072

Blonked               92975

Inspectadeck     82780

Bps                         71186

Keldo                    58948

Join me next time when we’ll have a look at another of Coruscant’s lightsabre wielding residents.

Jenojo Signing Out – May The Force Be With You.


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