Well Hello There


Here at The Cartel we are never afraid to pick a fight with a tank or to find out how deep that rooster goes.

This site is a resource and community page for the SW:GOH guild ‘The Cartel’

We are a serious guild with a friendly and helpful player base who are capable of taking down the Heroic AAT. We have a lively chat server on the Discord platform and expect all members to at least monitor the chat there.  If you want to dive into the pit of scum and villainy, then please do, but don’t say you haven’t been warned. We have a solid core of dedicated players and are happy to bring in newer players and help them gear up for the raiding challenges.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the guild, please make sure you have read the guild Raid Rules. We are a friendly bunch but the rules are there for a reason and ignorance is no defence. Don’t make Gadgey get out his ban hammer (the worst bit is tidying up the mess afterwards)! If you haven’t been put off, please fill in an application to join our guild here.

Please follow the links in the side bar to find resources contributed by guild members or follow this link for a a quick explanation of what’s on offer – Guild Resources